Native English Teacher needed in beautiful and rural Yamaguchi City, Japan

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Teach English in Japan

CITY: Yamaguchi City
START DATE: March, 2015

Furnished apartments are provided. No key money is needed. Teaching contracts are for one year minimum, but may be extended.
The position is for up to 29 teaching hour per week, plus some preparation. Teaching hours are in the afternoons and evenings. Teachers work 5 days per week. In addition, teachers receive most national holidays, and 4 additional weeks of vacation, one in the spring, one in the summer, and two at Christmas and New Year’s (of these two, only one week is paid holiday).

Applicants should be native North American English speakers. No previous English teaching experience is necessary. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic individuals, interested in exploring a new culture and developing relationships with students. Flexibility, creativity and a willingness to learn and develop new skills are crucial! We prefer that teachers have a bachelor’s degree for ease of obtaining a work visa, although Canadians without a degree can work for 1 year on a work/holiday visa. Teachers are asked to complete some kind of TESOL course before coming to Japan. (There are many short courses offered year-round at various training schools, colleges, and online.)

Interested parties are asked to send a resume and supporting documents promptly to

Teach English in Japan (General Information)

Japan is one of the most popular countries to teach English for many good reasons. It is the safest country in the world. Women should take precautions and try not to be alone at night, but for the most part, it is unlikely you will ever encounter serious trouble.

The food is fantastic. Japan is renowned for fresh seasonal ingredients from exotic vegetables to just-caught fish. No where in the world compares to the quality of food you can find in Japan. …  Read More

Teach English in Japan (Cost of Living)

For standard of living and potential to save money, Japan is still one of the best countries in the world to teach English. Until recently (2006), there was a government set minimum salary for teachers in Japan of 250,000 yen per month($2500). This rule is no longer strictly followed and some schools try to pay less for novice teachers. …  Read More

Teach English in  Japan (Visa Requirements)

In order to receive a work visa, you will first have to get hired. Your employer will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork and you will have to apply at a Japanese embassy. A bachelors University degree is required in order to receive a work visa. It doesn’t matter what subject you majored in. There are stories of teachers using fake degrees certificates bought online or in countries like Thailand, however I have never met anyone who has admitted to doing this. …  Read More

Interviews with English Teachers in Japan

Interview with Neil Mullens, teaching English in Japan

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