Native English-speaking Teachers Needed in Japan

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Teach English in Japan

CITY: Gifu
SALARY: starting salary is from 3,000,000 yen a year and may be negotiable depending on the teachers’ qualifications and prior work experience.

We will provide you with a 1-3 year working visa sponsorship and paid on-the-job training with full bilingual support both in and out of the office. We are also happy to help you with any need you may have adjusting to the Japanese culture or language even if they reach beyond the scope of your work responsibilities with us.

We will also supply a fully furnished house (or apartment) in a quiet area, in Gifu Prefecture. Rent is approximately 48,000~60,000 yen payable monthly by the employee and there are no expensive deposits necessary. Satellite TV, fiber optic internet access and cell phone service is also available if desired. We also offer a company car for both school and personal use as driving is necessary for full-time positions.

The starting salary is from 3,000,000 yen a year and may be negotiable depending on the teachers’ qualifications and prior work experience. Also bonuses or raises for satisfactory work are part of our employee policy.

native English speakers who hold a college degree and a valid driver’s license

send your resume with at least one recent photo of yourself and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in teaching in Japan to the following email address:

[email protected]

Teach English in Japan (General Information)

Japan is one of the most popular countries to teach English for many good reasons. It is the safest country in the world. Women should take precautions and try not to be alone at night, but for the most part, it is unlikely you will ever encounter serious trouble.

The food is fantastic. Japan is renowned for fresh seasonal ingredients from exotic vegetables to just-caught fish. No where in the world compares to the quality of food you can find in Japan. …  Read More

Teach English in Japan (Cost of Living)

For standard of living and potential to save money, Japan is still one of the best countries in the world to teach English. Until recently (2006), there was a government set minimum salary for teachers in Japan of 250,000 yen per month($2500). This rule is no longer strictly followed and some schools try to pay less for novice teachers. …  Read More

Teach English in  Japan (Visa Requirements)

In order to receive a work visa, you will first have to get hired. Your employer will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork and you will have to apply at a Japanese embassy. A bachelors University degree is required in order to receive a work visa. It doesn’t matter what subject you majored in. There are stories of teachers using fake degrees certificates bought online or in countries like Thailand, however I have never met anyone who has admitted to doing this. …  Read More

Interviews with English Teachers in Japan

Interview with Neil Mullens, teaching English in Japan

Interview with John Bardos, Teach English in Japan