Native English Speaking Teacher Needed for Preschool &Kindergarten in Poland

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Teach English in Poland

CITY: Warsaw
START DATE: July 2014
SALARY: PLN 3,500 (approx. US$ 1,150)

We are currently looking to fill one full time position for an English teacher working with children aged 4 to 6.
Teacher responsibilities

1) Teaching a 4050 min English classes once or twice daily (lesson plans and material are provided)
2) Caring for the children, together with the Polish teachers, throughout the whole day
3) Preparing preschool events (e.g. Christmas show for the parents)
4) Participating in internal staff meetings/trainings and parent meetings
5) Following school standards as regards maintaining school documentation


The remuneration is paid out in Polish currency (PLN) and covers the following:

– Base Pay – PLN 3,500 (approx. US$ 1,150) for 8 hours daily excluding weekends and Polish public holidays
– Furnished accommodation near the school – provided by Kidzcorner; contribution towards rent deducted from the base pay
– Private healthcare – monthly contribution of PLN 40 deducted from the base pay
– Loan from the company to purchase a PC – monthly installments deducted from the base pay
– Immigration/residency – we cover the cost of obtaining a Polish residence permit
– Additional pay of PLN 35 for individual 30-minute English classes with children held during the school’s working hours
– Paid vacation and sick days
Start date: July 2014 for 12 or 24 months


Qualifications: higher education (college or university), preferably with a degree in early childhood education, psychology or linguistics.

An ESL/TESL or equivalent qualification is a must, if the candidate has not completed a degree in early childhood education.

Experience: our strong preference is for teachers with experience of working with young learners aged 2 -6. We will favor candidates, who have experience in teaching English as a foreign language, preferably in a language immersion setting.

Requirements: native speakers who are citizens of the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia or New Zealand

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Teach English in Poland (General Information)

In recent years, the demand for English teachers in Poland has been quite high and is continuing to grow. This is because most economic activites, business ventures and suchlike are generally conducted in English. Also, students who wish to take up business courses/careers, are required to take an English proficiency examination, administered by the government. Today, Poland is considered to be one of the largest market in the continent for EFL teachers. …  Read More

Teach English in Poland (Cost of Living)

Compared to many other European countries, Poland is a relatively cheap country in which to live. Teaching English in Poland offers an excellent opportunity to experience authentic European culture, cuisine and lifestyle. While the salary is not lucrative, the experience is definitely worth the stay. …  Read More

Teach English in Poland (Visa Requirements)

To legally teach English in Poland, most foreign nationals need a work permit and a residence visa. However, EU citizens no longer need permits or visas. Residents of some nations, which have a special agreement with Poland, are allowed to visit the country for a maximum of 90 days without a visa but will have to obtain a work permit to engage in employment. …  Read More