Hiring ESL English Teachers in Yemen

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Yemen

CITY: Aden
START DATE: 15th of May 2014
SALARY: Starting Salary is $750 USD with commission

1- Shared furnished accommodation will be provided included utilities i.e. electricity, water & gas.
2- Starting Salary is $750 USD with commission
3- We will provide round trip flight tickets.
POSITION TITLE: English Language Program Teacher
To deliver English Language training to New Horizons students following the New Horizons delivery system, method and procedures.
1. Class Preparation:
• Accountable for designing and developing individual Lesson Plans
following the methods and systems outlined by Program Manager.
• Ensure timely and appropriate delivery of classroom Exercise and/or
Conversation Club classes.
• Ensure compliance with New Horizons policies and practices for program
delivery and customer service.
• Ensure that prior to each lesson the online course is reviewed and understood.
2. Instruction:
• Be present in the New Horizons center 40 hours a week.
• Teach up to 40 hours a week.
• Spend at least 7 hours a week preparing classes or aiding students.
• Monitor and report student progress using the Teacher Management System (TMS).
• Attend staff meetings.
3. Program Administration:
• Conduct, score and interpret student on-line, written and oral placement tests.
• Determine the proper placement of students in classes based on test scores.
• Advise students on such issues as progress and performance by regularly monitoring progress.
• Submit a collection of lesson plans on a monthly basis to Program Manager for review.
4. Other duties as determined by General Manager.

• Ability to work well in a structured and well-defined system.
• Able to motivate people to achieve their learning goals.
• Two or more years of ESL teaching experience. Bachelor’s degree in related field.
• Required. MA in TESL or education preferred. Professional involvement (TESOL,
• NAFSA, etc.) Preferred.
• Native speaker fluency: Excellent command of written and spoken English required.
• Experience teaching in a non-English speaking country preferred.
• Computer literacy and ability to demonstrate proficiency in software applications.

Resumes can be sent to the following
Email address: [email protected]

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