Europe TEFL, CELTA, TESOL Courses

Teach English Abroad

Austria TEFL Courses

TEFL – English Teacher College (Austria)
  • Beginning and/or Intermediate TEFL course in Austria
  • Our courses are between 12 and 16 weeks, in Austria. The course is full time.
  • There is no cost to the programme with a non-profit teaching component.

Bulgaria TEFL Courses

TEFL – The Modern Institute (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Czech Republic TEFL Courses

TEFL – Tefl – Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
TEFL – The Language House (Prague, Czech Republic)
TEFL – Tefl Worldwide Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
TEFL – International Teacher Training Organization (Prague, Czech Republic)
TEFL – Caledonian School (Prague, Czech Republic)


Czech Republic TESOL Courses

TESOL – OxfordTEFL (Prague, Czech Republic)

oxfordTEFL - TESOL Course

  • 4 week courses
  • Costs US$1270 – $1640
  • Trinity Certificate in TESOL

England CELTA Courses

CELTA – Solihull College (Birmingham, England)
CELTA – University of Bristol (Bristol, England)
CELTA – Bromley College (Bromley, England)
CELTA – Embassy CES (Cambridge, England)
CELTA – Concorde International (Canterbury, England)
CELTA – Studio Cambridge (Cambridge, England)
CELTA – Action English Language Training (Leeds, England)
CELTA – Manchester Academy of English (Manchester, England)
CELTA – Waltham Forest College (East London, England)
CELTA – Barnet College (North London, England)
CELTA – College of Northwest London (London, England)
CELTA – Skola Group (London, England)
CELTA – City and Islington College (London, England)
CELTA – Lewisham College (London, England)
CELTA – Language Link (London, England)
CELTA – IH London (London, England)
CELTA – British Study Centres (London, Oxford, Brighton: England)
CELTA – Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, England)
CELTA – Oxford House College (Oxford, England)
CELTA – The English Language Centre, York (York, England)
CELTA – York College (England)
CELTA – University of Bath (Bath, England)
CELTA – International Teaching & Training Centre (Bournemouth, England)
CELTA – West Chesire College (Chester, England)
CELTA – Chichester College (Chichester, England)
CELTA – Dundee College (Dundee, England)
CELTA – Cambridge ESOL (England)
CELTA – Intensive School of English & Business Communication (Brighton, Hove: England)
CELTA – West Thames College (Isleworth, England)
CELTA – LAL Language Centres (Paignton, England)
CELTA – EFL-Reading (Reading, England)
CELTA – Stoke on Trent College (England)

England TEFL Courses

TEFL – Action English Language Training (Leeds, England)
TEFL – TEFL London (London, England)
TEFL – TLI School of English (London, England)
TEFL – Universal Language (Woking, England)
TEFL – Global Vision International (England)
TEFL – i-to-i TEFL (England)
TEFL – TEFL Stop (England)
TEFL – Foyle Language School (Derry City, England)
TEFL – Intensive Training Courses Ltd. (Durham, England
TEFL – English Language Centre Online (Bradford, England)
TEFL – UK Tefl (England)
TEFL – The University of Sheffield (Sheffield, England)

TEFL-  TEFL Org UK (England
UK TEFL courses
  • Online and offline courses
  • Fom £159 (~$265) for our 50-hour online course ranging to £399 (~$665) for our 150-hour Premier TEFL course.

England TESOL Courses

TESOL – OxfordTEFL (London, England)

oxfordTEFL - TESOL Course


  • 4 week courses
  • Costs US$1270 – $1640
  • Trinity Certificate in TESOL

France CELTA Courses

CELTA – ILC France (Paris, France)

France TEFL Courses

TEFL – Tefl Paris (Paris, France)
TEFL – Tefl Language House (France)

Germany CELTA Courses

CELTA – Berlin School of English (Berlin, Germany)
CELTA – Hamburg School of English (Hamburg, Germany)
CELTA – International House Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)

TEFL Frankfurt International House

  • Full time program, 4 weeks
  • 1,595 Euro (aprox. US$1,800)

Greece CELTA Courses

CELTA – Celt Athens (Athens, Greece)
CELTA – Study Space (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Greece TEFL Courses

TEFL – CELT Athens (Athens, Greece)
TEFL – TEFL Greece (Athens, Corinth and Santorini, Greece)

TEFL Greece

  • Four-week, 120-hour intensive course with ten hours’ of teaching practice
  • 1295 euros (US$1685)
  • Extensive job guidance program with guaranteed placements

Hungary CELTA Courses

CELTA – IH Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Ireland CELTA Courses

CELTA – IH Belfast (Belfast, Ireland)
CELTA – Teaching House Belfast (Belfast, Ireland)
CELTA – The English Academy (Dublin, Ireland)

  • 4 week full time courses
  • €1,600 inclusive of all fees.

CELTA – IH Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

 Ireland TEFL Courses

TEFL – Tefl House Ireland (Ireland)
TEFL – Irish College of English (Dublin, Ireland)
TEFL – Tefl House (Dublin, Ireland)

TEFL – Language College Ireland (Bray, Ireland)
TEFL – World Language Services (Dublin Ireland)
TEFL – ATC Language and Travel (Bray, Ireland)

  • 950 Euros (US$1245)
  • 120 hour 5 week program offered 5 times per year.

Italy CELTA Courses

CELTA: Teaching English in Italy (Milan, Italy)
CELTA – Teacher Training IT (Milan, Italy)
CELTA – IH Palermo (Palermo, Italy)
CELTA – IH Roma (Rome, Italy)

Italy TEFL Courses

TEFL – Teach English in Italy (Florence, Genoa, Italy)
TEFL – The Learning Center of Tuscany (Florence, Italy)
TEFL – Mac Language School (Rome, Italy)
TEFL – Via Lingua (Florence, Italy)

Latvia CELTA Courses

CELTA – IH Riga (Riga, Latvia)

Malta CELTA Courses

CELTA – NSTS English Language Institute (Valletta, Malta)

Poland CELTA Courses

CELTA – IH Wroclaw (Wroclaw, Poland)
CELTA – IH Cracow (Cracow, Poland)

Russia CELTA Courses

CELTA – Language Link (Moscow, Russia)
CELTA – BKC-IH Moscow (Moscow, Russia)

Scotland CELTA Courses

CELTA – Basil Paterson (Edinburgh, Scotland)
CELTA – Stevenson College (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Scotland TEFL Courses

TEFL – Tefl Scotland (Scotland)

Slovenia CELTA Courses

CELTA – Mint-IH Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Spain CELTA Courses

CELTA – Study Global (Barcelona, Spain)
CELTA – Cambridge School (Granollers, Spain)
CELTA – British Language Center (Madrid, Spain)
CELTA – Hyland Language Centre (Madrid, Spain)
CELTA – IH Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

CELTA – Campbell College (Valencia, Spain)
CELTA – Teaching House  Seville (Spain)
CELTA – Teaching House Madrid (Spain)
CELTA – Teaching House Santander (Spain)
CELTA – Teaching House Barcelona (Spain)
CELTA – Teaching House Palma (Spain)

Spain TEFL Courses

TEFL – TEFL Iberia (Barcelona, Spain)
TEFL Iberia

  • Online, weekend and 120 hour ($1230) monthly TEFL training courses
  • Lively blog with lots of information on teaching and life in Barcelona

TEFL – Tefl International (Barcelona, Spain)
TEFL – Active Language (Cadiz, Spain)
TEFL – IH Sevilla (Seville, Spain)
TEFL – Fyne-Tefl (Madrid, Spain)
TEFL – TT Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
TEFL – Canterbury English (Madrid, Spain)
TEFL – Your English World (Valencia, Spain)
TEFL – Spain Tesol (Barcelona, Spain)

Spain TESOL Courses

TESOL – OxfordTEFL (Barcelona, Malaga, Cadiz, Spain)

oxfordTEFL - TESOL Course

  • 4 week courses
  • Costs US$1270 – $1640
  • Trinity Certificate in TESOL

Switzerland CELTA Courses

CELTA – Bell-School (Geneva, Switzerland)
CELTA – Flying Teachers (Zurich, Switzerland)

Ukraine CELTA Courses

CELTA – IH Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine )