ESL Program Coordinator in Guatemala

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Guatemala

CITY: Guatemala City

Job description: Driving the transformation of a network of traditional schools into truly bilingual institutions.

This position is within a small education provision and consulting company. The successful applicant will direct the development of bilingual environments at an association of schools in Guatemala City and will be responsible for….
* planning, negotiating, and leading changes at all levels within the client organization
* overseeing or completing measurement and reporting on all parts of the project
client (the school’s board and administration) satisfaction
* managing and allocating the resources of the employer within the schools (consultants, teacher trainers)
* the development and day to day management of a small teaching team

Qualifications in education, preferably EFL
Experience in education, a minimum of 2 years teaching and/or administration
Minimum one year management experience
Minimum one year program development experience
Bilingual (English and Spanish)
Experience in English and Academic testing
Experience in multi-cultural/lingual environments

Personal Qualities
Excellent Communicator
Flexible and Proactive

1. Cover letter
2. Resume/CV
3. A recent photo
4. Letter of recommendation if available
5. Email information to:

Teach English in Guatemala ( General Information )

Guatamala is a country with a rich culture and strong national identity. About 70% of the country consists of mountainous regions, and the economy is largely based on agriculture, with fruits and vegetables a major export. It’s an attractive destination for teachers seeking a slower pace of life.

There is a strong demand for EFL teachers in Guatemala because competency in English is important for students applying to unversity and is a requirement for most good jobs in the country. …  Read More 

Teach English in Guatemala ( Cost of Living )

The monthly salary for foreign English teachers in Guatemala is between US$500-800. The normal per hour rate is around US$2-5 in language institutions, US$5-8 for private students and US$10-18 per hour tutoring employees in big companies. Most schools also offer free Spanish lessons to their teachers and some provide teaching resources and training, if needed. …  Read More

Teach English in Guatemala ( Visa Requirements )

To legally teach in Guatemala, you need to apply for both a residence visa and a work permit. Citizens of the  USA, Canada and EU countries are allowed to enter Guatemala without visas for a maximum of 90 days. Citizens of other countries are required to apply for visas. …  Read More