ESL Instructor Needed at an Arts High School in Idyllwild, California

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in United States

CITY: California

The ESL teacher is primarily responsible for teaching skills-based and sheltered academic classes in the humanities,
for Idyllwild Arts Academy ESL classes . This is a full time, exempt position. The ESL teacher reports to the Dean of Academics.


• At least three years of experience in ESL instruction at high school level
• Experience with both skills-based and humanities courses
• Use a wide range of course material and books
• Ability to diversify activities: dialogue, role playing, group activities formal exercises, questions that promote critical thinking
• Implements a holistic approach to teaching—integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening
• skills into the curriculum

• Respects the guidelines and goals of the ESL department
• Works effectively with teams, while at the same time can work independently and generate
innovative curriculum
• Understands an arts boarding community: participates and leads social and cultural events, acts as an enthusiastic supporter of school events
• Willing to live on campus and act as a boarding parent
• Sensitive to cultural, gender, and economic diversity

• Acts as a model of integrity
• Understands and maintains professional boundaries between students and teachers
• Respects confidentiality
• Has a sense of humor and keeps things in perspective
• Exercises patience and good listening skills
• Flexible and has the ability to work under pressure
• Keeps a positive attitude
• Experience living in a boarding community or experience with leading, instructing, and working with youths
• Life experiences in travel, living and/or teaching abroad
• Willing to live on campus and serve as a dorm parent
Other Requirements
– Ability and desire to work within Idyllwild community, Riverside County, or commute a reasonable distance that does not
impede on-time arrival during winter months.
– Obtain and maintain a valid California Driver License, pass a criminal history background check as required by
California Education Code Section 44237, and pass a TB test.

Contact Marianne Kent-Stoll, Dean of Academics [email protected]

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