ENGLISH TEACHERS for Lorna Whiston Creative Kindergarten, Shenyang, China

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in China

CITY: Shenyang

We offer interesting and stimulating employment in an attractive working environment with extensive resources. Our school is situated in a quiet residential area. The contracts we offer represent an opportunity for teachers to work overseas in a supportive and well established company.

Terms and conditions include
• two year contract, renewable
• accommodation allowance
• generous salary
• hospitalisation cover
• attractive holidays
• gratuity at end of contract.

We are seeking suitably qualified and experienced Early Years teachers to teach a full kindergarten syllabus in English to Chinese children up to 7 years of age. Applicants should be native English speakers with a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood or equivalent OR a Degree with additional ESL qualifications.

For further details, please fax or email your CV plus a letter of application, photograph and professional references to :
Email : [email protected]

Teach English in China (General Information)

China is a fantastic clash of modernity and tradition. Endless modern glass skyscrapers line the streets, while a few steps away you can find fishmongers gutting fish in the streets. With hundreds of new English schools popping up around the country, China currently offers the most abundant opportunities for English teachers around the world. …  Read More

Teach English in China (Cost of Living)

Teaching English in China can be a fantastic experience, even for those who are traveling to teach for the first time. The cost of living in China is inexpensive. Monthly salaries of teachers in China vary, depending on experience, teaching hours and employer size, etc. Most jobs expect about 15-25 teaching hours per week. Additional time spent for preparation of materials and lesson-planning does not count as teaching hours. …  Read More

Teach English in China (Visa Requirements)

For a teacher to legally teach in China, you need a “Z” visa (for contracts of a year or more) or an “F” visa (for contracts of less than 6 months), and a Residence Permit.

The first thing that you should do is find an employer. They are responsible for obtaining a Foreign Experts Invitation Confirmation from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs on your behalf.. This certificate is necessary to prove that the foreign teacher coming to China is in the field of work for which he/she is applying. Once approved, your employer sends the certificate (original copy) to the foreign teacher. Then, the foreign teacher is required to visit the nearest Chinese embassy and present the certification and the invitation letter (from host school) to obtain  “Z” visa. …  Read More

Interviews with English Teachers in China

Interview with Kelly Sandor, teaching English in China
Interview with Roger Jones, teaching English in China
Interview with Gordie Rogers, teaching English in China