Assistant Language Teacher (ALT- English Teacher) Needed in Japan

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Japan

CITY: Gunma
START DATE: April 2015
SALARY: ¥230,000 / month (Tuesday – Saturday) – ¥240,000 / month (M- S)

CONTRACT PERIOD: Start April 2015 and ends March 2016.

SALARY: ¥230,000 / month (Tuesday – Saturday) – ¥240,000 / month (M- S)
Salary to be paid on the 10th of each month. Sundays & Mondays Off

RESIDENCE: Accommodation will be found for the applicant. No key money, modern tidy apartment. Teacher pays monthly rent of ¥52000 – ¥55,000 plus utilities, gas and power.

FURNITURE: washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, and futon provided.

WORKING HOURS: The Schedule will vary during the week so please be flexible and openminded. Classes range between 45 minutes – 50 minutes (including 10 minutes break between each class).

BA/BS: TESL/TEFL/CELTA or teaching certification. Applicants must be of sound mental and physical health. Applicants must not have a criminal record.

e-mail with CV/resume, degree, certifications, passport copy, cover letter, birthdate AND recent photo (photo less than a month old). –