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Are you Too Old to Teach English Abroad?

Teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to move overseas and explore more of the world. With more mid-career professionals and early retirees choosing to follow their dreams and travel the world, it’s not surprising that there is more interest in teaching English from older age groups. Is it possible for more mature people to become English teachers?

Make Money Teaching English Abroad

Is there money to be made teaching English abroad? Well, yes and no. It will largely depend on where you teach, your lifestyle, motivation and qualifications. Here is a summary of what you can expect to earn in various TEFL Jobs around the world.

Why Teach English Abroad?

What is it that attracts people, often with no history of working in the education sector, to set forth and teach English?

English Teaching Career Opportunities

There are a wide variety of career possibilities for TEFL teachers around the world. While most teachers only plan to teach for a year or two, many end up permanently relocating to their new home country. Even if it is too early to decide on making teaching English abroad a permanent career, it is a good idea to maximize your career opportunities.

Teaching is a Stepping Stone to Greater Career Opportunities

Some see English teaching as a stepping stone towards other career goals. It enables you to pay the bills and spend a significant period of time in a country, whilst assessing the market, networking, studying or simply looking for opportunities. It’s probably fair to say that you can learn far more about a culture as a worker, than as a tourist. And there are opportunities beyond simply teaching English, none more so than in Japan.

Sell Everything and Teach English Abroad

Imagine yourself, a year from now, being very familiar with a faraway and rugged landscape. Then, imagine yourself, nearly fluent in a language you’ve never spoken. If this life sounds like one that you’ve always wanted, it may be time for you to pack up everything and move abroad to teach English.