Academic Coordinator Position in Ecuador

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Ecuador

CITY: Quito


• Leadership ability
• Outgoing & confident personality
• Enjoy working in busy & varied environment
• Ability to substitute teach in any level general English class in cases of emergency
• Organized, with attention to detail
• Ability to handle difficult situations with ease & remain calm under pressure
• Excellent communication & people skills
• Computer literate – proficiency with Excel, Word, and general computer literacy required
• Interest in own professional development
• Interest in the development of the school and the teaching department
• Flexibility
• Ability to identify problems and come up with creative solutions
• Ability to work as a team


• Assist the School Director with program management, student evaluations, and daily administrative tasks.
• Assisting with supervising & processing of placement tests, and placing students in class
• Create academic-related documents, including the Academic Calendar, graduation program, and SPIN class list.
• Counsel students on academic issues, including choosing the right classes/programs/materials, their academic standing, and how to improve their language skills in general.
• Advise teachers on student issues, resolve classroom scheduling issues, and uphold program policies
• Advising potential students on available courses and processing sales where required.
• Assists students with course, level and class changes
• Teach during busy summer season as needed
• To keep teaching staff and students informed of administrative matters and timetable developments.
• Maintaining paper work and ensuring teachers do the same (attendance sheets)
• Running international exams (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE)

This is a wide and varied position; the above list may not be comprehensive.


• University degree: minimum B.A. plus ESL teaching qualification (e.g. TEFL, CELTA)
• 2 years+ teaching experience preferred (international experience preferable)

Send a cover letter and provide a resume showcasing your skills and experience. Send the two documents to [email protected]

Teach English in Ecuador (General Information)

Ecuador is a small country in the northwest portion of South America. Bordered to the north by Colombia and Peru to the South, there are four distinct regions with four distinct cultures. Quito is the capital, as well as the second largest city, with enormous mountains flanking its sides. Mostly characterized by it’s Andean culture, the Sierra is a large part of the country. The spine of the Andes Mountains runs down the country, with many of the cities sitting in valleys along the PanAmerican Highway. …  Read More

Teach English in Ecuador (Cost of Living)

Ecuador uses the U.S. Dollar, and as a result many things are much cheaper than in the United States. A lunch will cost anywhere from $1.75-$3, including soup, a main course, desert and drink. A liter beer bought in a store will cost anywhere from 80 cents to $1.50. In a bar it could cost $1.50-2. A taxi could cost you $1-$3 to get across a city. But keep in mind that prices in Quito will always be higher. In most cities, you should agree to the price of a taxi before getting in, but in Quito it is sometimes better to ask them to use the meter. By law, they have to do it if you ask. …  Read More

Teach English in Ecuador (Visa Requirements)

Not all teachers are required to have a special visa, though if you plan on staying past your 90 day tourist visa, you will need to get a Cultural Visa. This means that someone, or a school, will have to sponsor you. If you are arriving by yourself it can be difficult to find someone who will be willing to do this for you. There are language schools in places like Quito and Cuenca, however, that will take care of this with relative ease. …  Read More

Interviews With English Teachers In Ecuador

Interview with Jon Brandt, Teaching English in Ecuador