A Wonderful Opportunity is Available in Malaysia

Teach English Abroad

Teach English in Malaysia

SALARY: RM10,000 per month

A generous remuneration package is available with a salary of RM10,000 per month, along with allowances for housing, travel, medical insurance air fares, bonuses etc.

Academic Qualification: A degree in English / TESL / TEFL / ELT
.Candidates with degrees in other disciplines need an appropriate ESL training qualification such as TESL / CELTA / Trinity Diploma etc. or a MA in TESL / TEFL etc or Applied Linguistics

Candidates must have a personal English Language Proficiency level of at least C1. Verification of this proficiency may be required.

Candidates must have a minimum of Five years English language teaching experience, some of which should include experience in English Language teacher training

Preference will be given to those who have a proven record of having conducted in-house training for ELT Lecturers, or conducted professional development courses for school teachers and or experience in authoring materials and resources for English Language teaching.

In addition to the academic and experiential credentials it is essential that candidates display the soft skills required to deal with adult learners which may be especially pertinent to helping students who may be struggling or reluctant. Trainers / facilitators must be able to adapt and understand the cultural context of working in Malaysia.

Anyone interested in wanting to know more about this opportunity should send a resume that specifically highlights teacher training experience to [email protected]

Teach English in Malaysia (General Information)

Malaysia represents one of the world’s most exotic destinations for would-be EFL teachers. It’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a heady mix of soaring skyscrapers and fascinating temples and mosques; ultramodern shopping centers and Tudor-style buildings left over from British colonial days; hi-tech driver-less trains and charming rickshaws. The country is also blessed with a tropical climate, spectacular scenery and a rich cuisine. …  Read More

Teach English in Malaysia (Cost of Living)

The low cost of living in Malaysia means that an average EFL teacher’s salary of RM 4,000 (US$1,090) per month is more than sufficient for a comfortable standard of living. Like any other country, your ability to put money aside for travel and savings will largely depend upon your lifestyle. Eating only western food, buying western goods and going to tourist bars and clubs is, of course, more expensive than living as the locals do. …  Read More

Teach English in Malaysia (Visa Requirements)

Strictly-speaking, applications for working visas should be made at a Malaysian Representative Office Abroad before entering the country. However, very few TEFL jobs in Malaysia are advertised internationally and employers would expect to be able to conduct an interview in person and consider your application carefully before offering you a position. The chances of you being able to secure a teaching post from outside the country are extremely low. …  Read More